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Sign up for day tickets is closed
Sign up for regular tickets is closed

Please note that your ticket is personal and non-refundable, but you can resell the ticket. The deadline for reselling your ticket is the 31st of July 2022

Sign up Process:

1. Follow the link. Sign up can be found here on the webpage when it’s open. We will also send out a link in the newsletter first, and then on Facebook.

2. Sign up with your email, click the ticket category, read the fine print and continue to payment.

3. Pay for the ticket. A confirmation email will be sent, please check your spam inbox.

4. Your ticket is now reserved. In order to confirm your participation, you have to fill out information in the MyKnutpunkt system. This has to be done before two weeks after you have reserved (paid) the ticket. If you don’t, your ticket will be unreserved and refunded in full, minus the refund costs.

5. A confirmation email is sent to you, and you will be directed to MyKnutpunkt.

6. Fill out the form in MyKnutpunkt to confirm your ticket – before 2 weeks:

  • your name (first+last)
  • year of birth
  • country of residence
  • if it’s your first Knutpunkt
  • whether you might be interested in hosting a program item (not binding)
  • confirmation about the check-in process
  • confirming an agreement about expectations (which can also be found at the website here). Important note: we encourage you to read it already now, since it is essential to the sign-up that you read and accept this part. If you can’t, your ticket will be unreserved and refunded in full, minus the refund costs. If you do, that’s awesome!

7. Your ticket is purchased and confirmed. You can now relax, make a countdown and think about all the wonderful things we will experience and create together in Linköping this autumn.

8. Keep yourself updated – some time during this summer, we will need you to fill in information about dietary restrictions, who you wish to share a room with and other additional information. We will let you know what and when in a newsletter in the upcoming months.

Why we do this, in this particular order, is to ensure that as little information as possible is swiftly read, maybe not thoroughly and then forgotten, because we know that some find the payment process stressful. This way, you can sit down and read and fill in the necessary information in peace and quiet either before or after the actual purchase.

If you have any questions regarding the sign up process, send us an email to