About Knutpunkt 2022


In 2022, Knutpunkt was held 9th – 12th of September in Linköping, Sweden.

Who organized Knutpunkt 2022? 

Sofie Falk – Head Organizer

Elina Andersson – Head Organizer

Erland Nylund – Head of Economy 

Siri Sandquist – Head of Fundraising

Rasmus Lundholm – Head of Marketing

Alma Elofsson Edgar – Head of Programme

Rosalind Göthberg – Head of Programme

Juhana Pettersson – Head of Magazine

Sanna Vuorenmaa – Head of Community

Linnéa Fredin – Head of Community Hosts

Josefin Bjurström – Head of Infodesk

Adam Hansson – Head of Logistics

Carmilla Mina Storm – Head of IT

Lindsay Balfour – Head of Graphic Design 

The tradition

Knutpunkt is an annual conference held by four Nordic countries (SWE/DK/FIN/NO), shifting the hosting between them each year.

The first Knutpunkt was held in Norway 1997 and has since then functioned as a platform and meeting point for sharing ideas and experiences and creating new perspectives on larps and larp design. It has been a driving force in developing larping as a phenomenon, both professionally and for fun. Since then, it has expanded rapidly over the last couple of years, with participants joining from more than twenty countries all over the world, it has made the conference a natural focal point of larp theory and design.

You can read more about the Knutpunkt tradition here