As every year, the program for Knutpunkt 2022 will be created completely by and for the participants. No matter who you are, how long you’ve been larping or whether this is your first or twentieth Knutpunkt – we’re hoping you’ll consider submitting a program item!

Since there is no specific theme for this year’s conference, we would like to encourage you to think broadly, think about what YOU would like to contribute with, talk about, discuss and/or try. We welcome both new ideas and subjects that might not have been explored at Knutpunkt before as well as more familiar formats and topics. As long as your idea revolves around something you find interesting, exciting, thought provoking or simply fun – we would love you to submit it as a program item!

You can read more about the different types of program items below. This year, we’ve tried to put extra focus on what the participants experience of the different item types should be. 


Talks and panels are program items where a certain topic or issue is explored and presented to an audience. This could be done in the form of a lecture/presentation, or a panel where a moderator invites a few people to share their thoughts and perspectives on the topic at hand.

What these types of items have in common is that they require a low amount of participation from the audience, they are supposed to listen and maybe ask questions (if they would like to) but shouldn’t be expected to participate much more than that. 

Discussion forums

Discussion forums are different kinds of facilitated group discussions/conversations. These conversations could be organized in different ways, for example by dividing the participants into smaller groups, giving them some set questions to discuss and then allowing them to share something about their conclusion with the rest of the participants by the end.

The participants in this type of program item are expected to take part in the discussion, through the form decided on by the program item organizer. The organizer is expected to present the topic, set the framework for the discussion and keep track of the time. 

Discussion forums are a great way to explore a subject you would like to talk about but where you feel that you may not have enough information or thoughts to fill a whole talk, or where you are as interested in hearing other people’s thoughts and opinions as you are sharing your own. 


Workshops are program items where the participants are supposed to be active the majority of the time. These are opportunities to learn something new or at least explore and/or develop a certain skill or idea. We welcome many different kinds of workshops, as long as they entail a high level of participation!


Of course we would love the participants of Knutpunkt 2022 to not only talk about larping, but also have the possibility to play some great larps! We welcome larps that require no (or minimal) preparations for the participants and are at most, 4h45 minutes long (including time for set up, workshop, pauses and clean up). 

Social program 

Program items where social interaction is the main goal. This could be anything from a scheduled morning workout or walk in town to speed-dating for new friends, lunch disco, quizzes, meet ups or whatever you want to create.

One hour room party

Also part of the social program, a one hour room party is a themed party that lasts for exactly one hour, the theme can be anything you can imagine!
There will be designated rooms for this type of program item. When submitting a one hour room party to the program, please be mindful to make the theme inclusive.

Submitting a program item

Call for program is open as of April 24 2022 and will remain open until July 17. Please submit your program items at MyKP, we’d be delighted to have them! You can submit as many program items as you want, but all may not be selected for the final program – read more about the selection below. 

Do you have thoughts, suggestions or wishes for this year’s program that may not revolve around a program item you want to organize yourself? Let us know by contacting us at Knowing more about what you would like to see at Knutpunkt will help us a lot in the process of selecting program items and creating the program so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Are you wondering about a program item that you would like to submit but are unsure about, or would like someone to talk to your program item with? When submitting your program item, you can wish for a program coach! You may of course also always email us at to discuss your submission beforehand. 

Program selection

We will make the selection for the program in two phases. 

Deadline for the first phase is on the 29th of May. If you submit your program item before then, we will get back to you in the beginning of June to let you know if your program item has been selected. At this stage, we will fill up to 50% of the available spots for program items. 

Deadline for the second phase is on the 17th of July. After that, we will fill the whole program and get back to you in the middle of July to let you know if your program item has been selected. When doing this selection, we will also consider program items that was submitted but not selected during the first phase, meaning that if your program item didn’t make the cut the first time, it might still be selected for the program during the second selection. 

The selection will not be made on a first come, first serve basis. Submitting a program item earlier doesn’t guarantee you a spot in the final program. However, submitting a program item during the first selection phase means that it will be considered in both of the selection phases, so it might be smart to submit your item early!

The goal with the selection of program items is to create a program that is as well balanced as possible, as well as one that takes possibilities and limits of the venue into consideration. With that in mind, we will (for example) look at the following factors:

  • Style and topic of the program item. If we get a lot of similar submissions we might only select a few of them. We will also try to create a good balance between program items that may appeal to a lot of people and those with a smaller target audience.
  • Hosts. We want as many people as possible to host program items at Knutpunkt 2022! This means that if you submit a lot of program items, chances are that only one or a few of them will be selected (depending on the total number of submissions we receive)
  • Locations. We don’t have an unlimited amount of every type of room, and will have to make a selection that works with the rooms available.