Where do I sign up for Knutpunkt?

More information on the sign-up process will follow when we get closer to the ticket release early spring 2022.

Will there be single rooms available?

Yes, there will be some single bed rooms available. 

How many subsidised tickets are there?

All the subsidised tickets are crowdfunded by add-ons when a participant is purchasing a ticket, as well as sponsorships. For this reason we cannot foresee the amount of subsidised tickets.

Can I pay my ticket in installments/parts?

We do not offer the possibility of paying tickets in intallments/parts. 

How many tickets are there in total?

There are roughly 600 tickets to the event. 

Will there be day tickets without lodgings?

We are currently looking into the possibility of day tickets, but have not found a suitable solution yet. 

How does crowdfunding work?

If someone crowdfunds a ticket, one subsidised ticket will be made available for somebody with less money. The subsidised ticket will be for a spot in a quad room.

Can I choose who I will share a room with?

We encourage you to figure out who to stay with before you purchase a ticket.

You can, of course, wish for roommates during sign up, and we will do our best to accommodate all wishes – but we can’t cross our hearts that all requests are fully met.
We can however guarantee that you will stay with at least one person you have requested, if they have also requested you.

When will the party theme be released?

A month prior to Knutpunkt 2022 at the latest, probably before that.